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AcePlanner 1.2.55

Time management software, what helps planning a day and orchestrating mood.
Publisher: AceSoftHouse
Category: Project Management
Version: 1.2.55
License: shareware
Cost: 39.95$
Size: 2.52 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
This intuitive time management software provides possibility to organize tasks and placing them to a daily schedule, selecting most important first. Software helps estimating and indirectly tracking time spent. It allows arranging deadlines of work items sequentially using estimates and available hours. This feature helps forecasting possible completion date. Double calendar shows plans and reality in task deadlines comparing to completion dates. It generates printer friendly time reports, including timesheets, work breakdown and detailed estimations, weekly plans and weekly time spending by categories. Software includes module for mood tracking and mood orchestration with colors, as well as moods map report.

Version: 1.2.55(01 Mar 2010)
AcePlanner v1.2.55 automates incomplete task rescheduling with one click.
Version: 1.2.53(08 May 2009)
AcePlanner v1.2.53 provides one click Track now name later function.
Version: 1.2.45(18 Dec 2008)
AcePlanner v1.2.45 allows setting reminder alarm for a particular task.
Version: 1.2.24(14 May 2008)
AcePlanner v1.2.24 allows marking holidays in weekly view of the daily plan.
Version: 1.2.23(05 Oct 2007)
AcePlanner v1.2.23 provides graphical week representation.
Version: 1.2.20(22 May 2007)
AcePlanner v1.2.20 provides date and time hotkeys for descriptions.
Version: 1.2.16(05 Mar 2007)
AcePlanner v1.2.16 provides visual week days designer.
Version: 1.2.9(05 Feb 2007)
AcePlanner v1.2.9 provides graphical week representation.
Version: 1.2.4(25 Dec 2006)
AcePlanner v1.2.4 improves management of recurring tasks. New version includes variations of daily, weekly, monthly and irregular recurring patterns.
Version: 1.1.10

download (AcePln.exe - 2.52 MB)