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Biosoftworld ICD-10 Analyzer 8.0.15

Biosoftworld ICD-10 Analyzer is a diagnosis and procedure search tool
Publisher: Biosoftworld
Category: Business
Version: 8.0.15
License: shareware
Cost: 29.95$
Size: 33.23 MB
Updated: 26 Jan 2016
A special tool designed to prepare healthcare personnel for the upcoming shift to the new ICD-10 coding system. Includes all ICD-10 2015 (CM and PCS) diagnosis codes as well as ICD-9 2012 diagnosis codes to their highest specificity. Out tool map codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and vise versa. You can also load for reference the original PDF files.

Main Features

* Includes all 17,000+ ICD-9-CM 2012 diagnosis codes.
* Includes all 4,000+ ICD-9-PCS 2012 procedures codes.
* Includes all 79,000+ ICD-10-CM 2015 diagnosis codes.
* Includes all 72,000+ ICD-10-PCS 2015 procedures codes.
* Mapping between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM
* Create a Library of Favorites Codes!
* Word Processor included!
* High-speed, search forms to find codes easily
* Easy to use Windows interface.
* Latest .NET Framework technology.

Version: 8.0.15(27 Sep 2014)
ICD-10-CM and PCS Codes for 2015
Version: 7.0.11(29 Jan 2012)
ICD-10-CM and PCS Codes for 2012, ICD-9-CM Codes for 2012
Version: 7.0.1(29 Jan 2012)
ICD-10-CM and PCS Codes for 2012, ICD-9-CM Codes for 2012
Version: 6.0.0(25 Sep 2010)
ICD-9-CM Codes for 2011
Version: 5.0(01 Oct 2009)
ICD-9-CM Codes for 2010
Version: 4.0(01 Oct 2008)
ICD-9-CM Codes for 2009
Version: 3.0.2(04 Jun 2008) - setupCoder.exe
ICD-9-CM Codes for 2008
Version: 3.0.1 - setupAcc301demo.exe

download (setupCoder.exe - 33.23 MB)