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Accent RAR Password Recovery 3.5

Crack RAR password at the maximum speed of your computer! Anytime
Category: Utilities
Version: 3.5
License: demo
Cost: 40$
Size: 9.11 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
There are many different solutions for recovering RAR passwords, but Accent RAR Password Recovery is probably the best one.

Here are its main features:
- Supports RAR3/RAR5 formats
- High-speed password search
- GPU-accelerated recovery of RAR passwords
- Three types of attack
- Automated recovery of RAR passwords
- Mutation of passwords

Recovery rates. The program uses unique algorithms with maximum optimization for all modern Intel and AMD CPUs.

Still higher recovery rates. The program uses the GPU computing technologies on AMD and NVIDIA video cards. And it boosts the password recovery rate up to dozens times.

Three attack types for a lost RAR password. The program has all the necessary attacks in it: a brute-force attack, a mask-based brute-force attack and a dictionary-based attack.

Automatic recovery. The program uses optimized password recovery scripts without requiring any special knowledge.

Password mutation. The program has a built-in macro language that describes password mutation rules thus improving the capabilities of a dictionary-based attack.

That's not all. The full list of Accent RAR Password Recovery pluses is available at You will find a detailed description and useful tips there as well.

Accent RAR Password Recovery is a professional solution to the lost password problem for RAR/WinRAR archives that works on AMD and NVIDIA video cards.

Use it whenever necessary.

Version: 3.5(09 Nov 2015) - AccentRPR_350.msi
Imroved support of AMD video cards with GCN architecture
! Fixed known bugs
Version: 3.3(25 Dec 2014)
Added caching of recovered passwords to open
Added support for GTX970/980 video cards (based on the Maxwell architecture)
! Removed limitations on built-in scenario execution time
! Fixed minor internal errors
Version: 3.0(24 Sep 2013)
Support of the new RAR5 format
Improved CPU password search speed (up to 2 times)
Improved work speed with NVIDIA video cards
Version: 2.2(14 Nov 2012)
Improved support for the AVX instruction set used in Intel Sandy Bridge, Intel Ivy Bridge, AMD Bulldozer, and AMD Piledriver
Stable operation in Windows 8 x64
Version: 2.11

download (AccentRPR_350.msi - 9.11 MB)