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ABC Amber CHM Converter 7.37

Batch CHM decompiler which converts CHM files to any document format you wish
Publisher: ProcessText Group
Category: Word Processing
Version: 7.37
License: shareware
Cost: 19.95$
Size: 1.93 MB
Updated: 02 Oct 2010
Most likely, ABC Amber CHM Converter is a batch decompiler for Compiled Windows HTML Help files (*.chm) you've been searching for a long time. Taking CHM files or CHM ebooks, it will convert them to any document format you wish - PDF, RTF, HTML, DOC, TXT, etc.
It creates contents with bookmarks (in RTF, PDF, DOC and HTML), extracts all pictures, keeps hyperlinks.
In other words, you can produce a new hypertext system in most popular formats.
Key features of conversion to PDF using ABC Amber CHM Converter program include 40/128 bits PDF encryption, multiple PDF security options, page size and page orientation support, resolution mode, compression mode, and more.
Also you can use this program as a chm2web and chm2hlp tool.

As all "ABC Amber" products, it's really easy as ABC and powerful as Amber.
Currently our software supports more than 50 languages.
Important note: Adobe Acrobat doesn't need to be installed.

No doubt this powerful tool helps you save your time and reduce your efforts.

Version: 7.37(24 Apr 2010)
remove Previous and Next buttons feature improved
Version: 7.36(29 Sep 2009)
improved remove Previous and Next buttons feature
Version: 7.35(31 May 2009)
Version: 7.34(15 May 2009)
improved "remove Team LiB label" and "remove Previous and Next buttons" features, improved TOC import
Version: 7.32(21 Mar 2009)
improved HTML import
Version: 7.31(17 Mar 2009)
fixed pictures import (when embedded parser is selected)
Version: 7.30(27 Dec 2008)
new feature - "load pictures from other CHMs"
Version: 7.29(23 Dec 2008)
improved "remove Team LiB label" and "remove Previous and Next buttons" features
Version: 7.28(27 Sep 2008)
"remove DDU header" option
Version: 7.25(22 Jun 2008)
improved CHM import (when TOC file is absent), improved HTML import (background image for the cells)
Version: 7.23(19 Jun 2008)
improved "preserve local links" feature (in RTF, HTML, DOC)
Version: 7.22(12 Jun 2008)
Version: 7.19(30 Mar 2008)
"show hidden text" option, improved background color loading
Version: 7.15(29 Feb 2008)
improved chm-to-text conversion (much faster)
Version: 6.31(29 Jun 2007)
improved removing the html input elements (Language, Members)
Version: 6.26(19 May 2007)
improved HTML import (hot-pictures), improvements
Version: 6.25(04 May 2007)
Version: 6.20(29 Mar 2007)
Version: 6.19(22 Mar 2007)
improved HTML import (bullets in MSDN, webbot), new features, improvements
Version: 6.16(16 Feb 2007)
fixed CHM import (ms-its)
Version: 6.14(20 Jan 2007)
improved export to PDF, fixes
Version: 5.07

download ( - 1.93 MB)