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Achieve full control with this next generation restaurant management software

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Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale 7.8

Achieve full control with this next generation restaurant management software
Publisher: Abacre Limited
Category: Applications
Version: 7.8
License: shareware
Cost: 149.99$
Size: 7.31 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales is a new generation of restaurant management software for Windows. It is a complete solution, beginning with taking orders from patrons, and ending with billing and tax reports. The user interface is carefully optimized for high speed input of a patron's order and the prevention of common mistakes. It's designed for using on multiple computers, and contains reliable and secure authorization levels.

The layouts of the guest bill can be customized, and the program can be set up for any currencies, taxes, and gratuities. Payments can be accepted by cash, credit cards, or checks.

For managers, there is a rich set of reports that shows a complete picture of restaurant operations and life cycles: menu consumption, reservation frequency, hours of high restaurant load, busiest tables, most active employees, payment methods, and automatic tax calculations.

By standardizing the entire restaurant management process, the software radically improves serving speed.

It's easy to install and easy to use. Very affordable licensing allows this software to be used in any environment from small family-owned restaurants to large chains.

Version: 7.8(29 Dec 2015)
Added many internal database structure changes to increase speed.
Version: 7.5(24 Aug 2015)
Added new gift card improvements and database structure changes.
Version: 7.3(23 Jun 2015)
Added new bill configuration parameter and implemented minor improvements.
Version: 7.0(20 Mar 2015)
Added support of gift cards and loyalty points programs.
Version: 6.12(24 Nov 2014)
added New Order button on Clients window; using of thousand separator; barcodes with weight digits.
Version: 6.1(24 Jan 2014)
Added possibility to print bills and notifications in rich text format; added calculation of associate commissions based on client types.
Version: 6.0(25 Dec 2013)
Added support of Caller ID devices; sales commissions; refund order button.
Version: 5.9.12(26 Nov 2013)
Added possibility to show pole message on flagged items panel; corrected issues with Email Sender.
Version: 5.9.11(25 Oct 2013)
Added more security roles; corrected issue with showing orders with discount.
Version: 5.9.10(20 Sep 2013)
Date filter now works with all profit margin reports; corrected minor inventory updating issues.
Version: 5.9.7(11 Jan 2013)
Corrected several minor Windows 8 compatibility issues.
Version: 5.9.5(24 Sep 2012)
Added new Average Sales Order report; corrected minor issues.
Version: 5.9.4(21 Jul 2012)
Added new invoice customization options and new kitchen/bar options.
Version: 5.9.3(22 Jun 2012)
Improved displaying speed of several major windows.
Version: 5.9(22 Mar 2012)
Implemented new credit card processing option. Corrected issues related to OPOS drivers.
Version: 5.7(26 Jan 2012)
Implemented new report: Item Price List; corrected minor issues.
Version: 5.5(15 Nov 2011)
Added possibility to hide the lists of categories and items on Order. Corrected various issues related to data import.
Version: 5.4(17 Oct 2011)
Added new order control and invoice options.
Version: 5.3(16 Sep 2011)
Added Arabic translation, corrected invoice layout and date fields in reports.
Version: 5.2(22 Aug 2011)
Implemented support for fiscal printers via OPOS drivers and support of Kube Fiscal Printers.
Version: 5.1(10 Jul 2011)
Line Display (Pole) can work now via serial COM port; corrected several issues.
Version: 5.0(31 May 2011)
Improvement inventory management options.
Version: 4.7(16 Nov 2010)
Improvement inventory management options.
Version: 4.6(07 Aug 2010)
Possibility to display total in second currency; new Tips by Waitress report.
Version: 4.5.2(30 Apr 2010)
Implemented support of credit card processing without OPOS drivers; added new security role.
Version: 4.5(16 Apr 2010)
* Feature: Currency ($ off) discounts for orders.
* Bug fixed: paid tips were not shown on Take Payment method for manual tips calculation method.
* Bug fixed: in some cases credit card information was not captured by MSR for credit card processing.
Version: 4.4.3(31 Mar 2010)
Added new option: "Allow selling items with zero on hand quantities". When option is not checked it's not possible to add an item to an order if on hand quantity of item is zero (when there is no such item on stock).
Version: 4.4(11 Mar 2010)
Now security roles can be assigned to each worker to access only specified areas of program.
Version: 4.3.1(25 Feb 2010)
Corrected minor issues: worker's name was not shown sometimes on Orders window and reports; Delete Order button did not update inventory.
Version: 4.2.1(16 Dec 2009)
Corrected various minor issues.
Version: 4.2(17 Nov 2009)
Corrected many issues related to hardware devices.
Version: 4.1(22 Aug 2009)
Added credit card processing module, new translation, minor issues were fixed.
Version: 4.0(25 Jul 2009)
Added various order configuration options, minor issues were fixed.
Version: 3.4(28 Apr 2009)
Added various order configuration options, minor issues were fixed.
Version: 3.3(19 Mar 2009)
Possibility to use customized currency denominations, added new options for end of day process.
Version: 3.2.1(29 Dec 2008)
Possibility to save item icons to separate files. Corrected issue with creation of tables.
Version: 3.1(28 Nov 2008)
* Feature: new option "Show Choose Item Quantity".
* Feature: Automatic order number reset and following.
Version: 3.0(10 Sep 2008)
* Feature: Login using Employee Swipe Card.
* Feature: Login using Employee Barcode Card.
* Feature: automatic resizing of icons for items and categories.
Version: 2.7(21 Aug 2008)
* Feature: added additional verifications on actions with workers. Now
when you uncheck Is Admin option or delete worker from database ARPOS
verifies if this is the last administrator in database.
* Feature: improved database upgrade mechanism.
Version: 2.6.3(05 Aug 2008)
* Bug fixed: error message was shown when For All Dates period was selected.
Version: 2.6.2(27 Jul 2008)
New features for Z-Out reports and corrected minor issue with Clock Out.
Version: 2.6.1(07 Nov 2007)
Corrected various minor issues in inventory and shifts.
Version: 2.4.1(10 Sep 2007)
Corrected a minor issue in Z-Out.
Version: 2.1.4(05 Jun 2007)
Corrected various issues concerning currency format with comma (,) as decimal separator used in most European countries.
Version: 2.1.2(10 May 2007)
Added Exemption Limit parameter for tips and corrected various minor issues.
Version: 2.1.1(29 Apr 2007)
Corrected various issues related to displaying different currencies and much more!
Version: 2.1(28 Feb 2007)
Improved tips module, new Sales by Hostess Details report, new bill configuration parameters and much more!
Version: 2.0(30 Sep 2006)
New gradient interface; Z-Out and End of Day processes; enhanced touch screen keyboard; additional actions on menu items: Refund, Change Price, Note for kitchen.
Version: 1.8

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