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A very powerful and easy photo (.jpg image) transparency processing software.

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Convert AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, DAT, VOB, WMV, ASF to DVD, SVCD, VCD formats

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VCDEasy is a VideoCD (VCD/SVCD) authoring tool

! Picture-Desk Batch Converter 1.3

Advanced graphic batch converterr with lot of image processing features.
Publisher: KudrSoft
Category: Graphics and Video
Version: 1.3
License: demo
Cost: 49.99$
Size: 2.46 MB
Updated: 27 May 2013
This is advanced tool for batch conversion with lot of image processing features from rotating, image resizing, adding an anti-theft "X", overlaying text and/or a logo onto the image to more advanced requirements such as leveling RGB, HSL, brightness, contrast, gamma, adding IPTC information such as captions, copyright or photographer name, etc... In contrast to other batch converters, "Picture-Desk" enables you to select individual images or select groups of images (as many groups as you like) to convert in different ways, but all part of the single batch process. Let's imagine this simple task, you wish to insert text and a graphic logo onto 100 image files, but amongst them, 10 files must be rotated clockwise, 20 anti-clockwise, the remaining 70 need no rotation. "Picture-Desk" achieves this (and every other task you select) in a single batch process! While setting individual image properties, you can conveniently view how the final image will look by using "Preview Window". "Picture-Desk" supports 20 popular graphic formats.An IPTC / EXIF batch editor is also included.

Version: 1.3(31 Dec 1969)
Version: 1.3c(17 Mar 2013)
Version: 1.3a(08 Mar 2013)
Version: 1.3c(03 Feb 2013)
Version: 1.3a(20 Oct 2012)
Version: 1.3c(27 Sep 2012)
Version: 1.3a(12 Aug 2012)
Version: 1.3c(01 Aug 2012)
Version: 1.3a(20 Jul 2012)
Version: 1.3c(11 Apr 2012)
Version: 1.3a(30 Mar 2012)
Version: 1.3c(17 Mar 2012)
Version: 1.3a(06 Dec 2011)
Version: 1.3c(29 Oct 2011)
Version: 1.3a(16 Oct 2011)
Version: 1.3c(03 Oct 2011)
Version: 1.3a(20 Sep 2011)
Version: 1.3c(25 Aug 2011)
Version: 1.3a(12 Aug 2011)
Version: 1.3c(29 Jul 2011)
Version: 1.3a(16 Jul 2011)
Version: 1.3c(03 Jul 2011)
Version: 1.3a(06 Jun 2011)
Version: 1.3c(23 May 2011)
Version: 1.3a(14 Mar 2011)
Version: 1.3c(27 Feb 2011)
Version: 1.3a(12 Feb 2011)
Version: 1.3c(29 Jan 2011)
Version: 1.3a(30 Dec 2010)
Version: 1.3c(15 Dec 2010)
Version: 1.3a(30 Oct 2010)
Version: 1.3c(13 Aug 2010)
Version: 1.3a(08 Jun 2010)
Version: 1.3c(29 Apr 2010)
Version: 1.3a(12 Apr 2010)
Version: 1.3c(27 Mar 2010)
Version: 1.3a(10 Mar 2010)
Version: 1.3c(17 Jan 2010)
Version: 1.2a(30 Dec 2009)
Version: 1.2c(03 Nov 2009)
Version: 1.2a(28 Sep 2009)
Version: 1.2c(21 May 2009)
Version: 1.2a(18 Apr 2009)
Version: 1.2c(07 Feb 2009)
Version: 1.2a(22 Dec 2008)
Version: 1.2c(03 Nov 2008)
Version: 1.2a(18 Oct 2008)
Version: 1.2c(09 Oct 2008)
Version: 1.2a(26 Aug 2008)
Version: 1.2c(07 Aug 2008)
Version: 1.2a(08 Jul 2008)
Version: 1.2c(13 Jun 2008)
Version: 1.2a(18 May 2008)
Version: 1.2c(03 Jul 2007)
Version: 1.2a(24 May 2007)
Version: 1.2c(31 Mar 2007)
Version: 1.2a(20 Mar 2007)
Version: 1.2c(11 Mar 2007)
Version: 1.1c(05 Mar 2007)
Version: 1.1a(22 Jan 2007) - PDsetup.exe
Version: 1.1c - swf_setup.exe

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