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GUNNER2 - is a new 3D war game with well known rules: "Shoot'em all to win!".

Are you ready for some real action? Try to repulse an assault of helicopters!

 IconMeteor VGA
VGA-enhanced space-themed breakout. 90 levels, smart graphics and fx.

 IconDemonStar - Secret Missions 1
The Xidus have been developing in secret new, more powerful DemonStar

1st Go Warkanoid II: WildLife 2.12.3

Funny block-breaking game featuring nice graphics and WildLife game theme.
Publisher: KraiSoft Entertainment
Category: Action
Version: 2.12.3
License: shareware
Cost: 19.95$
Size: 5.40 MB
Updated: 25 Jan 2016
Break the blocks with this highly imaginative, challenging game! The eye-popping graphics, impressive music, themed levels and superb gameplay quickly make you forget you are playing an arcade-style game born from the classic breakout genre. The object of 1st Go Warkanoid is to destroy all the bricks on the screen by hitting them with a bouncing ball. Some of the bricks will give you funny power-ups. The game is improved with a number of Internet-related functions such as WorldWide Hall Of Fame.

Version: 2.12.3(11 Feb 2011)
Game stability improved
Version: 2.12.2(05 Apr 2010)
Some Windows 7 compatibility issues fixed
Version: 2.12.1(05 Nov 2009)
Graphics card compatibility increased
Version: 2.11.12(15 Jul 2008)
Windows Vista compatibility increased; Games Launcher added
Version: 2.11.11(26 Oct 2007)
Game performance increased, some bugs fixed.
Version: 2.11.8(23 Apr 2007)
Game performance increased, some bugs fixed.
Version: 2.11.6(19 Feb 2007)
Game performance increased, some bugs fixed.
Version: 2.11.5(18 Aug 2006)
Game performance increased, some bugs fixed.
Version: 2.11.4

download (war2demo.exe - 5.40 MB)